Weeknotes September 16th

My new bit of flash fiction is up. It’s called Wilder, and was a theme supplied to me by S.

Work still goes on with the short story I’m writing. I’m now on leave, and managing to make more time to put into it. I’ve also started reading the copy of Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook I picked up a few months ago. It’s lovely, full of surreal illustrations and interesting interviews.

Link soup

If you roleplay, Monte Cook Games just released a free PDF on Consent in Gaming, up on DriveThruRpg. If this interests you, there’s also the TTRPG Safety Toolkit, if you haven’t had a look at it yet.

A part of that toolkit is this bit on the X-Card, a visual / physical aid for communicating when something in the scene is crossing a boundary for a player or DM, and needs to be handled in some way. A quote that sticks with me about the use of consent tools from the X-Card doc is about talking about consent and the tools at the games outset (“session zero”):

The X-Card talk is more important than the X-Card itself.

John Stavropoulos

The whole section is worth a read.

Photo by LoboStudio Hamburg on Unsplash

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