Weeknotes September 23 — Covering Winter

I struggled with this week’s bit of flash fiction, Dark Places. Multiple attempts at different voices and viewpoints didn’t work out for me. I’ve managed to find a voice, but this is even less of a story than some of my other pieces. I am happy with how it came out, though.

The short story I’m working on is coming along. A third of what I’ve written so far is just notes. And more notes. And small character sketches. I hope the piece works out. I’m also trying out scrivener for the first time. It definitely better supports how I write longer pieces than paper and a word processor do: scattered thoughts, ideas, images, slowly growing and coalescing while being rearranged into something coherent that I then heavily (heavily) edit. This week’s current goal: finish the rough. It seems like I have most of the pieces in place to do that now.

What I’m listening to

This cover / arrangement of Vivaldi’s Winter is stuck somewhat on loop. It’s by Tyler Bates, for the John Wick 3 soundtrack.

Which has just put me in the mood for Ferry Corsten’s great remix of William Orbit’s dull arrangement of Barber’s Adagio for Strings

The above is the shorter, punchier, less-fun-on-the-dance-floor, radio version of the remix. Try to track down Orbit’s original arrangement. Or the album the track’s from. It’s not an album I’ve managed to listen to more than once (but suddenly morbid curiosity is striking, and my tastes have changed, and now that’s a thought — send help!).

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

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