Weeknotes November 11

I finished off last week’s flash piece earlier in the week. I’ve begun this week’s, but not yet finished it, in part because I’ve been out most of the weekend — not the best of reasons. 

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Weeknotes October 21

I finished another flash piece today. This one is quite personal, and maybe I should share it with my sister to see how she relates to it. But I now have a bit of a backlog of pieces built up, so maybe next week I’ll begin to regularly post them online.

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Weeknotes October 14

I want to build up a habit of regularly writing and posting 250 word bits of flash fiction. Finished off my first one tonight. Kind of happy with it, since it has actual things happening in it, rather than just being an aesthetic piece like many of my others.

I’m going to build up a small buffer of stories before beginning to post them.

I’ve not managed to read much, although The Fall of Hyperion audiobook continues, and remains fun. I have the third Monstress collection waiting for me to get to as well.