Weeknotes September 8th

Still writing. Slowly making progress. S also gave me a theme for another bit of (unwritten) flash fiction: Wilder. I think she’s a bit taken by a novel she’s just finished called Wilder Girls.

Been thinking about Major Tom from some of Bowie’s music. I think he first appeared in the track Space Oddity. The music video is just a cutie playing on his guitar — while fooling around with his oscilloscope (??) with some moody coloured lighting decades before breadtube popularised it. Did I mention the oscilloscope? The song often makes me feel Big Feels about my life, which for various reasons I’m once again doing.

A decade (give or take) later, Bowie wrote Ashes to Ashes. Here Major Tom is a junky, but if you want to get things done, better not mess with Major Tom.

Blackstar came out just a few days before Bowie died. Major Tom isn’t exactly in the lyrics, but is in the video (a dead astronaut, near the beginning).

Ah, Major Tom, you hero.

Feature image by Patrick Pierre on Unsplash

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