Weeknotes November 4th

This week’s flash piece is entitled Life Lost. It’s about mourning for a lost love, and making space to recover. 

I haven’t finished another piece today. The way I was telling the one that I’m working on made it explode in to too many words, so I began it again. And then again.  I think that this time it’s going to be under 250 words, though — but it still needs a bit more time for me to finish. 

Also, note to self: be careful of stories that need extensive setting explanations 🤔. These pieces shouldn’t take more than a day.

I finished off the Martian, by Andy Weir. It was a ton of fun, and I’ve got his novel Artemis on my to read list. Ditto with Rin Chupeco’s, the Bone Witch. It was interesting and fun enough that I think I’ll probably pick up the sequel at some point.

Right now I have a lot comics to read. I picked up volume 1 of Battle Angel Alita on Saturday, but I’ve also got volume 3 of Monstress, volume 4 of Saga, and volume 1 of Crosswind. And some that I can’t remember at the moment. A lot of comics. 

Gonna be an interesting week ahead. 

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