Weeknotes February 10

Libraries. This week’s story is about a library, called the Library of Kept Things. Libraries are one of those things that my mind keeps returning to.

I spent a lot of time in various libraries as a kid and into my 20s. Less so now as an adult. Some of the libraries were warrens of interconnected rooms and stairwells and hidden nooks. Those always seemed to eventually be renovated and rebuilt, so that they were spatially more easily understood. But their strange spaces still live on in my mind and my dreams.

I’ve started working on prepping my first roleplaying game in the last few years. I’m just going to run a module, to avoid putting too much work on me and never getting around to running it. Now I just need to send out details to the players, and organise a session.

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash

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