Bullet Journal clearout time – books read

It’s that time: once again starting a new bullet journal. I thought it’d be fun to talk a bit about the things I’ve read in the last few months (since about March, according to my journal).

  • Sapiens & Homo Deus / Yuval Noah Harari
    These were interesting books, covering a wide range of topics in humanity’s socio-economic and cultural development. Made me think a lot. The discussion of inter-subjective truths in Homo Deus has stuck with me.
  • Archangel / William Gibson & Michael St. John Smith
    A comic, written by Gibson, about time travel, world war 2, and alternate histories.
  • The Seventh Decimate / Stephen Donaldson
    I was excited to start this, but I struggled a bit to get through it. I remember thinking that the viewpoint character missed drawing connections between things that seemed strange to miss, and was a super bigot.
  • The Peripheral / William Gibson
    I love this book. Short chapters that flick between the the near future and the far future. So much of the described technology seems insightful about where we are and may be going, with drone use, 3D printing, and so on.
  • Annihilation & Authority & Acceptance / Jeff VanderMeer
    Sarah and I bought these because we enjoyed the movie, and I was blown away by the story telling and world building. Great, fun read. It has lived with me for a long time. Where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner
  • Mistborn & Well of Ascension & Hero of Ages / Brandon Sanderson
    Kind of fun. Fun enough to finish. Many cliched relationships, along with some problematic and stereotypical romantic connections. Typical fantasy fare. 
  • Embassytown / China Miéville
    A reread. I’d remember originally being blown away by the writing and storytelling and characters, and was worried that now, years down the line, on a reread, this wouldn’t hold true. It totally did. It’s a great book.
  • The Coldest City / Antony Johnston
    The comic that the movie Atomic Blonde was based on. It’s interesting to see the differences between the comic and movie. The movie remains one of my favourite things in the last few years.
  • Borne / Jeff VanderMeer
    Another good book, more amazing world building and characters. Read it.
  • Sabriel & Lirael & Abhorson / Garth Nix
    A reread. They’re fun and amusing. The description of the library in Lirael is inspiring. Want to visit!
  • Hyperion & Fall of Hyperion / Dan Simmons
    A reread. Still interesting, although the cliches of hard men and their sex lives haven’t aged well in my adulthood.
  • Saga, volumes 1-3 / Brian Vaughan & Fiona Staples
    So, much, fun! Fell in love with the Stalk.
  • Bone Witch / Rin Chupeco
    Fun, light fantasy, with necromancy and dead things. I want to know more about Likh, a young boy who wants to take on traditionally female gendered roles. 
  • The Martian / Andy Weir
    I enjoyed this a lot. It was unexpectedly amusing. I read this as an audio book, and Sarah got in to it as well. We’d listen together. 
  • Battle Angel Alita, Volume 1 / Yukito Kishiro
    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading this, but I’ve enjoyed the first volume a lot, even though there was an extremely extended combat scene. Gonna get the other volumes when I can.

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