Weeknotes 2019-08-25

I’ve finished off another little short for this week, called Surprise. It’s now a bit late at night, so I’m probably not going to post it until tomorrow evening.

Bit of Windows

I’ve begun doing some odds and ends on Windows, in large part because I’ve started playing Eve Online again (send help!). I haven’t used Windows much since maybe 2012, and this is my first stint using Windows 10.

What’s interesting is that a lot of the Windows problems I struggled with in the past are still around, although it feels like they’ve been trying to fix some of it. They now have an app store. Nice. Except there’s nothing in it. Scrivener isn’t there. LibreOffice both is and isn’t: someone is selling LibreOffice on the store, but they don’t seem associated with the Open Document Foundation, the people who manage LibreOffice’s development 🤔

Windows updates and store updates are separate, and managed by separate applications for some reason. Installing an app may still require a system restart. Windows 10 no longer supports my Microsoft webcam, although it apparently works on Skype (which I uninstalled, since that appeared to be the only way to stop it from launching at startup).

One thing that I enjoy a lot compared to Ubuntu, though, is that it’s super straightforward for me to sync my writing directory from Google Drive to my windows machine and keep it up to date. So good.

Closing tabs

Some YouTube videos landed this weekend. Both of them speak a bit to how systems interplay with one another to bring about some end-state. The first is about climate change, and talks a bit about how border control and policing policy helps to support climate change.

The second is about the emergence of slavery and human trafficking through the game systems put in place in Minecraft.

Feature image by afiq pilus on Unsplash

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